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Promescent Review: Everything You Need To Know

Promescent is by far one of the most popular remedies for premature ejaculation today. The topical spray has gained a lot of recognition from people suffering from premature ejaculation as well as medical professionals. This can be attested to many things the most notable being the spray’s effectiveness.

There are very many positive reviews online claiming that the spray prolongs ejaculation for at least 10 minutes for individuals who can’t last even for even 2 minutes. Many reviews also attest to the fact that the spray works without causing any side effects. The spray also doesn’t transfer to your partner. These are just a few of the positive reviews about Promescent.

If you’re interested in knowing more about Promescent firsthand, look no further. I consider myself a desensitizing spray expert from my many years of trying different sprays in vain until I found Promescent. In my own honest opinion, there is no other desensitizing spray in the market today that can compete with Promescent in terms of effectiveness, side effects, speed and safety among many other factors.

There is a reason why Promescent has gained so much recognition even among medical professionals. If you are interested in discovering all there is to know about this highly rated topical spray, you are in the right place. Below is a detailed Promescent review that tells you what Promescent is, how it works, who it’s for, how to use the spray and the pros & cons of the spray.

What is Promescent & How Does it Work?

Promescent can be defined as a topical desensitizing spray applied directly to the penis to reduce sensitivity before sex. Promescent’s main ingredient is Lidocaine; a popular anesthetic and class 1b antiarrhythmic drug. Lidocaine is the main reason behind Promescent’s effectiveness since the ingredient doesn’t work like your typical topical desensitizing spray. Lidocaine is absorbed effectively when you spray Promescent on the penis.

Unlike other topical desensitizing spray ingredients, Lidocaine penetrates effectively reaching the nerve endings of the penis and calming them down. This reduces their extreme sensitivity which is the main reason behind premature ejaculation. Apparently, Promescent is the only topical desensitizing spray designed this way. In a nutshell, you aren’t just applying a numbing agent and praying for the best as is the case with most topical desensitizing sprays in the market today.

Promescent targets the source of the problem which is the sensitive nerve endings beneath the skin of the penis. It is also worth noting that Promescent is FDA approved i.e. it has been tested and deemed safe by the US Food & Drugs Administration.

Who is Promescent Spray for?

Having understood what Promescent is and how it works, let’s now shift our focus on the ideal candidate/s for the spray.

1. The spray is for any man interested in lasting longer during sex. It’s important to note that Promescent isn’t reserved for individuals suffering from severe premature ejaculation. The spray works perfectly on anyone interested in getting assistance with their control.

2. The spray is also ideal for men trying out long term behavioural training techniques i.e. kegels. Such exercises take some time to pay off. Using Promescent can fasten the process boosting your confidence.

3. Promescent is also ideal for single men hoping to start dating soon. Promescent will definitely help you leave a good first impression.

How to use Promescent

Using Promescent is easy. You just need to bear in mind a few things. For instance, you should use the spray approximately 10 minutes before having sex. Also 1-2 sprays are enough. It is also important to follow the spray’s application instructions i.e. ensure you rub the spray evenly on the top and underside of your penis. If you use the spray properly, the effect can last for over 30 minutes before wearing off.

My Personal Experience with Promescent

I used Promescent for the first time two weeks ago after a long search for an effective topical desensitizing spray. I hadn’t used any delay techniques or products during that time. I just had normal sex with my partner while taking note of the time without being too clinical. My usual time for normal penetrative sex has always been between 2 to 5 minutes on average. I lasted for more than 20 minutes!

I applied the spray 2 times only for the first time. It worked perfectly. It didn’t numb me too much as was the case with most sprays I had tried before. I also didn’t need to spray too much to get numb. During consequent tests, I discovered that Promescent extends lasting time during sex by 10 to 20 minute. On a few occasions, I lasted more than 20 minutes.

I was amazed at the effectiveness of Promescent since I enjoyed sex as opposed to being numb the whole time as is the case with most sprays. The spray is also free of side effects i.e. no loss of erection and tingling or hot feelings. The spray was also side effects free for my partner. I am really amazed by Promescent. I can confidently say my search for the best topical desensitizing spray is over.

Pros and Cons

Having shared my personal experience using Promescent, let’s turn our attention to the main pros and cons.


1. Works consistently: According to my own personal experience and many customer reviews online, Promescent works consistently. In fact, the spray increases endurance for most people including myself.

2. Absorbs effectively: Promescent also absorbs perfectly into the skin. This benefit is important since it means that the spray won’t be transferred to your partner reducing their pleasure. Effective absorption also means that the spray works faster and better.

3. You can use the spray on demand: Many people (including myself) also love Promescent because you only need to use it when having sex. This is unlike most medication for treating premature ejaculation where you might be required to take the medication even when you aren’t planning to have sex.

4. It works fast: The spray takes a few minutes to work. You therefore don’t need to prepare hours before sex as is the case with most premature ejaculation treatments.

5. You don’t need a prescription: Promescent can be bought over the counter without a prescription. This makes the spray readily available when you need it.

6. No side effects: Promescent is FDA approved. The spray is also free of side effects according to customer reviews online and my own personal experience.


1. Price: I personally didn’t find any Promescent disadvantages. There are however a few negative customer reviews on price. There are some people who claim the spray is a bit costly i.e. $85.99 for the standard combo pack. Although this price is higher than that of similar sprays in the market today, it is important to recognize the fact that Promescent is superior in every aspect. It is also important to note that the spray lasts longer since you don’t need to spray it many times.


From the above information, it is accurate to conclude that Promescent is the best topical desensitizing spray for treating premature ejaculation. I have tried Promescent and proven it works effectively. Online customer reviews on Promescent also prove that the spray is unmatched in all aspects. Nothing more needs to be said. Although the price of Promescent may be a bit high for some people when you compare it with other sprays, the price is justified since the spray is safe and more effective.


You might not know it yet but the nervous system actually plays a very important role for men to last longer in bed. This article is aimed to help you realize how this system could prolong the time before a man ejaculates. Among the known reasons for premature ejaculation is a highly receptive nervous system.

For your information, there are two sub-systems of the nervous system and these are the peripheral and central. The one that consists of the spinal cord and the brain is called the central nervous system. The other one is attached to the brain and spinal cord, but extends to other important parts of the body like organs, limbs and more. The nervous system is the one in-charge for analysing all the information you get from the surrounding so you could respond accordingly. This information could come from things you see, feel and visualize. Everything is done through the creation and transmission of impulses from and towards the nervous system. If you look at it in another perspective, the nervous system is like a control center that tells the body how to react to a certain situation.

When you look deeper into the peripheral nervous system, it is also divided into two – the autonomic and somatic nervous systems.

Under the autonomic nervous system are again another division – the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.

Are You Catching Up?

The earlier systems will be our focus for researches show that these are related to arousal, erection and ejaculation.

Let us start with the sympathetic system. The system consists of different levels and this level is based on the intensity you feel due to stress. Negative stress increases when you are faced with a lot of problems or if someone threatens your life. On the other hand, you experience positive stress on great experiences like orgasm and ejaculation.

The sympathetic system is one that represents the use of energy. This is why it is often the cause of premature ejaculation.

On the other hand, the parasympathetic system represents conservation of energy. With this, you are able to control ejaculation while still maintaining full erection.

When you look at it, the parasympathetic and sympathetic are just the opposites. When you think about a word to describe the parasympathetic system, it could be relaxation. This is the part of the body that is working when you have clear and positive thoughts. It also works when you are free from life problems and challenges.

When you purchase the Ejaculation Guru by Jack Grave, you will learn a lot of things about these two systems and how these could help you deal with your ejaculation problem. Learning about these systems could aid you in dealing with ejaculation issues better.


If you are among the millions of men worldwide who are seeking for the right sex positions to improve their ability to last longer in bed naturally, you came to the right place. The sex positions that will be discussed here will not only prolong your sexual intercourse but could also help you please her more. Getting interested now? Continue reading.

Best Sex Positions for Best Performance in Bed

Position 1 – “The Surreptitious Female Rider”

All you have to do in this position is to lie down and let her be on top during sex. This position could help you enjoy two things.

First is greater control. It helps you a lot control arousal. This could be easily done since your body is free from any form of muscle stress so you are completely relaxed. All you have to do is to enjoy the sensation of having her on top of you. The relaxed feeling you enjoy on this position helps you a lot maintain a good level of arousal that is far from ejaculation.

Second, she controls the sexual intercourse. With this, it frees your body from stress of penetrating. It is true that her movements might get you heated up but you have more control on your pelvic muscle. You could easily tighten this muscle as you wish. Nothing would surely be greater than this experience.

Position 2 – “The Reversing Female Rider”

This second sex position could surely help you out last longer as if you were using the correct premature ejaculation treatment. It is simply the opposite of the first position. Still your partner is on top but she is facing away from you. This helps a lot vary the stimulation for both of you preventing the sexual experience to become boring.

The next time you have sex, you don’t have to be troubled about early ejaculation anymore. All you have to do is to go for these two sex positions and enjoy the rest of the experience. Alternate the two during sex. With this, both of you would enjoy the lovemaking experience while you could prevent quick ejaculation.

Does Position Change Really Help in Bed?

It has two major effects.

  1. You appear to be in control – This is because the changing in position makes your lady feel that you are taking in change. When you do this often, it would surely make you attractive during the intercourse.
  2. Continuous sexual encounter – If you do other practices aside from changing position, your partner could get distracted. When you simply change positions, she would most likely think that it is part of your sex plans. It is not quite obvious that you are trying to manage your arousal.



Men would definitely experience premature ejaculation issue at least one time in their life. This is quite common to teens due to some of their malpractice when it comes to masturbation. Some had personally devised their own way of dealing with the problem. However, there are some who are not lucky enough to deal with it properly. If you are among those who are still troubled with the right way to deal with premature ejaculation, do not worry anymore. Jack Grave has created a complete guide to make you deal with premature ejaculation naturally. With this, you could now satisfy your partner like you have never done before.

It would certainly be impossible for you and your lady to enjoy your sexual intercourse if sex is only a short-live story. Think about lasting for about 2 minutes is already horrific. How about ejaculating after about 30 seconds? Since you could never satisfy your partner with this short amount of time it could become an issue in your relationship. This is why you need to deal with it fast so that you won’t face the negative effects of premature ejaculation in a relationship.

Ejaculation Guru is an effective product that men with premature ejaculation could try. It provides a lot of strategies and concepts on how you are going to stop ejaculating quickly and last longer during sex. The main objective of the product is to help you and your partner enjoy your sexual intercourse. The things that are shared in the product will definitely open your mind regarding the important things you need to know about premature ejaculation. With it, you do not anymore have to rely on taking pills or applying cream just to achieve a quick solution to the problem. Since the techniques are natural, you avoid different kind of side effects which you could get on relying on pills.

The good thing about the product is that it does not require you to change your sex life. The frequency of your sexual intercourse would still be the same. Since everything is presented in an easy to understand manner, anyone could really find it pretty useful. Regardless of your physical incapacities, you would still find the methods in the Ejaculation Guru really effective.

Premature ejaculation is a worldwide issue and with this, you could certainly find a lot of products in the market that claim to work like anti-depressant drugs, condoms, anesthetic gel, vibrating ring for the penis and a lot more. All of these are just a hassle and does not really offer a long-term solution to the problem. It is better that you go for a one-time expense for a product that does not require you to use anything and this is no other than the Ejaculation Guru. When you properly use the product, it could certainly help you last in bed for about 45 minutes and beyond.

If you could last long in bed, you could turn the table around. You don’t have to continually beg her for sex. It would definitely satisfy your partner and would make her happy if you could last longer in bed. You don’t want to settle for a solution that only offers temporary result. Better go for one that has a long-term effect and does not cause any side effect on your health.

When you exert your time and effort in learning the techniques presented in the Ejaculation Guru, you don’t have to worry about sex anymore. Since you could make your partner happier, sex would become a wonderful experience for both parties. The product is in the form of an ebook. You could go for reading it in your smartphone or your computer. It would also be good to print its content so you could read it anytime you want.

After learning everything in the product, you could now show your partner how manly you are. You could surely blow her mind for lasting 30 minutes or beyond during sex and making her reach her orgasm. Do not waste time and try the product now.


Ejaculation Guru Review

I have decided to write this Ejaculation Guru review because it was the program that saved my marriage and helped me overcome the fear of not being able to satisfy my girl. Ejaculation Guru is a guide that provides all the needed steps for men to perform better in bed. Everything that men need to know from sex positions to various techniques in breathing is effectively presented. This certainly helps men who suffer from premature ejaculation making them last longer during sex.

Compared to other solutions out there, Ejaculation Guru provides the fastest and widest range of methods. It simply means that you have a lot of options to try and you can even apply these methods on your next sexual intercourse. Everything in the guide is presented in a simple and concise manner that anyone can apply on their own and still get the best possible results. What other products lack is the discussion of vital factors regarding the factors that produce premature ejaculation, which you can find in this product.

The best part of this guide is it does not discourage you from having sex. As a matter of fact, it can improve the pleasure you experience during sex which results in enjoyment and satisfaction for you and your girl.

Another good part that is worth mentioning about the product is that it aims to permanently eliminate your premature ejaculation. Men will be presented with the reasons why they experience such problem and also ways on how to deal with it. When a man understands the problem better, it is also possible to deal with it the right way. The author certainly knows that it is not enough to deal with the problem through physical aspects alone. The hormonal and mental aspects should also be considered.

With the help of this product, it is now possible for men to control their ejaculation and satisfy their girl. You simply have to keep on practicing the techniques mentioned in the eBook and you will see results in no time. The results would surely show the next time you have sex with your girl. With this product, you don’t have to waste any of your precious time in trying other training programs that do not payoff well.

Important Details about the Ejaculation Guru by Jack Grave


In looking for ways on how to deal with issues from your sexual performance, effectiveness is one of the most important factors to consider. Choose a product with many success stories and one that really shows results. It needs to be effective and be able to eliminate the problem from its root. The Ejaculation Guru does all of these. It is among the products in the market today that really shows results. The product discusses all the things you need to know about ejaculation. If you check other ejaculation guru reviews online, you will certainly find a lot of people who appreciate how this product has helped them become better lovers.

Other treatments in the market for premature ejaculation do work but most of these do not offer a long-term permanent remedy to PE. Dealing with the problem might look easy, but there are actually a lot of things to consider in determining the right solution. Jack Grave, who is the author of the eBook, guarantees that the quick fixes mentioned in it are effective while making sure they have a long-lasting effect. This is made possible with techniques that improve hormonal control, physical control and mental control. All the techniques and methods in the product are centred on your ejaculatory reflex. The ability to control this reflex results in better control over your ejaculation. The effectiveness of this program is a simple reason why a lot of men with ejaculation problems should give it a try, and that is why I have written this ejaculation guru review so men become conscious about it.

Easy to use

The Ejaculation Guru is certainly a product with a lot of information to share for men with ejaculation issues, but rest assured that it is pretty easy to use. All the information you find in it is concise, useful and accurate. Everything is presented in a way that all men can understand and with it, readers don’t have to keep on guessing on the meaning of what they are reading. It is a step-by-step guide that will walk you through the way on eliminating premature ejaculation for good. In the last part of the book, everything is summarized in a 5-step plan. If you don’t know how easily others have used and benefited from the product, make sure you keep reading this ejaculation guru review.

Safety and Side Effects 

Again, safety is very important when you look for a premature ejaculation treatment. Also, do not forget to see your family doctor prior to using this product. Your physician is definitely knowledgeable and experienced enough to determine if the product is good for you. It is also advisable that you learn every concept and techniques first prior to giving it a try. Make sure that you understand everything well. As most products work, if you fail to use it correctly, it would result in serious problems. With this product, as long as you follow the instructions, you certainly have nothing to worry about.

Customer satisfaction

Do not be in a hurry when you choose to give a premature ejaculation treatment a try. It is best to look for some objective reviews first. This will give you an idea of how satisfied customers are by using the product. When you search for reviews about the Ejaculation Guru, you will be surprised that there are already a lot of men who had found success in dealing with ejaculation issues by using the Ejaculation Guru by Jack Grave. When you visit the site of the product, responsive and accommodating staff would answer your queries through their support feature. With this, it is right to think that the product is meant to satisfy customers. Three important factors lead to this assumption and these are the efficiency of the product, the techniques presented in it, and lastly the positive reviews it got from thousands of customers.


-The methods work. The methods discussed in the guide are what its author, Jack Grave, used in order to deal with his quick ejaculation issue. These methods made him last over 35 minutes in bed, and many who have used the product also have had the same results.

-Anyone can immediately apply these techniques next time they have sex. Results are immediate.

-The product only uses a natural approach. There is no need to purchase any gadgets, pills, or creams.

-The methods presented in the guide make sex more fun and exciting. Both parties will be fully satisfied.

-People with severe cases of premature ejaculation find this product really useful. Its effectiveness is not affected by some of men’s limitations such as bad genes or penis size.


-A long introduction before getting into the real strategies for dealing with premature ejaculation. Many don’t want to talk anymore about goal setting stuff. It is better to simply go straight to the point by discussing the various techniques and methods.

-The product only focuses on how a man can last longer in bed and increase his sexual stamina. It does not cover other ways of satisfying his girl other than by thrusting longer.

-The Ejaculation Guru lacks illustrations. You need to make your imagination work and understand all the methods carefully.

Overall Verdict on the Ejaculation Guru

Men with premature ejaculation issues now have a lot of options when dealing with their PE issues. There are now a lot of pills, creams, and books available in the market. In this Ejaculation Guru review, I simply announce that the product is among your best choice for a long-term solution to your ejaculation problem. In looking for the right product to recommend, I have done a lot of research, reviews, and even tried most of the products out there. In our honest opinion, nothing can compare to the Ejaculation Guru. The product is effective enough to help a lot of men gain their confidence in sex. Plus, it has a lot of useful bonuses. Among the bonuses there is an eBook that can help you last longer in bed through the practice of 18 ways to quick fix your premature ejaculation. This is intended for couples who want to have a better and more intimate sexual experience. It does not only provide a treatment for premature ejaculation but also offers guidance on making sure that your girl is sexually satisfied. In order to help you last longer in bed throughout your life, you get free upcoming updates of the product and much more tips and bonuses regarding your sexual performance.


Ejaculation Guru will provide you with lots of information about how to enjoy sex, have full control over your ejaculation, and last for over 30 minutes during sex. It is a step-by-step guide on everything that you have to do. It is simply the best way to go from lasting ten minutes in bed to total control over your ejaculation. I hope you have found this Ejaculation Guru review informative in order for you to make a good decision on how to deal with your premature ejaculation.